Special Thanks

Special Thanks

nienteForte would like to give special thanks to the people and organizations who have supported us with their time and/or resources throughout the years:

  • Jim Atwood
  • Michael Batt
  • Kari Bersharse
  • Yotam Haber
  • Lisa Hooper
  • Megan Ihnen
  • Mark Lighthiser
  • Zak Pine
  • Dylan Parrilla-Koester
  • John Reeks
  • Leonard Reybon
  • Daniel Sharp
  • Joe Shriner
  • Barry Spanier
  • Andrew Szypula
  • Chuck Taylor
  • Alan Theisen
  • Doug Walsh
  • Kappa Kappa Psi Rho Chapter
  • Tulane University Newcomb Department of Music
  • University of New Orleans School of Music
  • Versipel New Music

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