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Hub New Music world-premieres<br>"Spirits and Sinew" by Jessica Meyer

Hub New Music world-premieres
“Spirits and Sinew” by Jessica Meyer

Roberta Michel performs<br>"Red" by Jane Rigler

Roberta Michel performs
“Red” by Jane Rigler

The Portland Percussion Group performs<br>"The Spaces Between" by Mendel Lee

The Portland Percussion Group performs
“The Spaces Between” by Mendel Lee

Lang/Rainwater Project performs<br>"Between Breath" by Scott Wollschleger

Lang/Rainwater Project performs
“Between Breath” by Scott Wollschleger

Ensemble Linea world-premieres<br>"Ever What" by Cory Diane

Ensemble Linea world-premieres
“Ever What” by Cory Diane

Megan Ihnen world-premieres<br>"All the Trees in the Forest Clapped Their Hands"<br>by Stephen Montalvo

Megan Ihnen world-premieres
“All the Trees in the Forest Clapped Their Hands”
by Stephen Montalvo