nF Participants

nF Participants

nienteForte would be nothing without the talented group of performers, composers, and presenters that have joined our community over the years. We are thankful and humbled to have hosted such an esteemed set of artists.

Season 11: Megan Ihnen, Roberta Michel, Carlos Cordeiro, Ensemble Linea

Season 10: Byrne:Kozar:Duo, Portland Percussion Group, Duo Crema

Season 9: Bent Duo, Ogni Suono, The Rhythm Method, Andy Kozar

Season 8: TALEA Ensemble, Alfonso Noreiga

Season 7: TAK Ensemble, Versipel New Music, Ray Evanoff

Season 6: ECCE Ensemble, Erin Gee, Yu-Hui Chang, Jane Cassidy, Joe Shriner

Season 5: Ensemble Pamplemoose

Season 4: Liminal Space

Season 3: Jenni Brandon

Season 2: Steven Brown

Season 1: David Constantine


    1. Hi Michaelene! Unfortunately not all of our concert material is out there – there are various reasons for that – sometimes a composer or an ensemble requests that the material not be published. There were also concerts in our earlier history that we did not record, and some that merely lives in the archive primarily because we didn’t (and still don’t sometimes) have the bandwidth to do the video post-production needed as a three-person volunteer organization.

      That said, COVID has really ramped up my social media engagement and overall content; since you showed some interest, i’ll look back and see if there’s any TAK ensemble footage, and if so, find some time to throw up material on our YouTube channel during our off season. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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