Our Donors

Our Donors

nienteForte would like to thank our donors for joining us in our mission to champion contemporary music in New Orleans.

Season 14 Donors

  • Bert and Joyce Lee
  • Hannah Banghart
  • Alice Piau
  • Tristan Gianola
  • Chisitopher Trapani

Past Donors

  • Marty Bankson
  • Amanda Daboer Bartlett
  • Hannah Banghart
  • Lyn Davis Banghart
  • John Banghart
  • Christina Borne
  • Kari Besharse
  • Eric Cheung
  • Laura Cocks
  • Laurie Culp
  • Nicole Fraser
  • Jeffrey Gavett
  • Kim Gilman
  • Evan Johnson
  • Steven Layton
  • Shaya Lyon
  • Bert and Joyce Lee
  • Liang Family Charity Foundation
  • Virginia McDowell
  • Elizabeth McCaughey
  • Hayden Outlaw
  • Alice Piau
  • Kyle Pearcy
  • Vicky Sadin
  • Jana Saslaw
  • Philip Schuessler
  • Tyler Sperrazza
  • Seven Takasugi
  • Justin Vierra
  • Anna-Louise Walton

Your donation can truly impact how contemporary music can inspire our community! For more information, go to our Donate Page!

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