nienteForte’s Diversity Initiative

nienteForte was founded with a mission to inspire and instill in our audiences the same passion for contemporary music that unites our staff and existing community. We can only truly fulfill this mission by creating an environment that normalizes diversity both specifically in the contemporary art music community and broadly in our white and male dominated society.

We pledge to develop and execute an action plan that embraces and normalizes inclusion of composers and musicians from a diverse range of marginalized communities to the contemporary art music canon. With guidance from resources such as the Institute for Composer Diversity, we will continually work to widen the representation of all of our concert programming now and into the future.

As we develop this initiative, we welcome feedback from our community of performers, composers, and supporters. Only through challenging our established norms and being held accountable by our community can we truly ensure that this initiative is not fleeting but the first step in establishing a framework for lasting and meaningful change.