nF presents – Chris Alford

Chris Alford


Rex Gregory – Jake Noble – Justin Peake

May 21st, 2024

New Marigny Theatre


Solo Improvised Piece 1

Solo Improvised Piece 2


2 Strings

Portrait 273 – For Audre Lorde

Text Piece #6 Quartet

Joy Wrangler

Heat Hole – Magnetar #2

Artist Bio

New Orleans based improviser/guitarist/composer Chris Alford utilizes a spherical approach in his artistry. In one hemisphere is the deep tradition of jazz and blues languages of the past and in the other is avant-garde, unconventional, creative syntax. Warping the old with the new, Alford keeps his feet rooted in the ground all the while looking beyond the horizon. He is just as likely to galvanize an audience with peculiar, angular, sharp flourishes as he is to allure with luscious, atmospheric harmony and melodies. An openness to sound and collaboration allows Alford to shape and guide the music in an organic flow.

Alford earned music degrees from The Chicago College of Performing Arts and Belmont University. Alford has had the opportunity to study with  Henry Johnson, Regi Wooten, John McLean, Joe Morris, Hank Mackie and Chester Thompson. Chris Alford has performed with legends of jazz and creative music including: Cassandra Wilson, Ra Kalam Bob Moses, 2Face Idibia, Jerry Jemmott, Rhonda Richmond, Leslie Hunt, Ezra Brown, James Singleton , Tim Berne, Albey Balgochian, John Sinclair, Reginald Veal, Algerbra Blessett, Jeb Bishop, Mino Cinelu, Dennis Warren, Mike Burton, Tim Green, Mike Dillon, London Branch,Luke Stewart, Aurora Nealand, Rob Cambre, Hellen Gillet, Gregoire Maret, Robert Walter, Grayhawk Perkins, Evan Gallagher, Matt Ulery, Reed Mathis, Michael Vatcher, Simon Berz, Dr.Jeff Albert and many more. Alford fulfills his passion for creative music education through his teaching, both in the community and at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he was on the Jazz department faculty from 2007- 2019.

nF Acknowledgements

nienteForte would like to give heartfelt thanks to our Season 14 donors and sponsors. We would also like to give acknowledge the following people and organizations who have offered their time and resources to make this season possible:

  • Jeff Albert
  • Michael Batt
  • Kari Bersharse
  • Shivani Bondada
  • Cameron Eaton
  • Maxwell Dulaney
  • Samantha Eroche
  • Evan Hammond
  • Megan Ihnen
  • Dylan Parrilla-Koester
  • Hayden Outlaw
  • Heather Penton
  • Phillip Schuessler
  • Daniel Sharp
  • Rick Snow
  • Andrew Szypula
  • Alan Theisen
  • Mark Williams
  • Kappa Kappa Psi Rho Chapter
  • Marigny Opera House
  • New Marigny Theatre
  • Tulane University’s Music and Science Technology Program
  • Versipel New Music

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